Australia Part 3

Oops, guess it’s been a while since I was supposed to do Australia Part 3. In my defence, I was having fun travelling and didn’t think to blog. I’ll get around to the rest of my posts about my trip soon, especially now that I’ve returned back to Ireland. After leaving Sydney, I flew southward to Melbourne, the food capital of Australia with an extraordinary amount of coffee shops. Sadly that was lost on me, being only a tea drinker.

Australia Part 2

After experiencing Brisbane and Gold Coast, it was time to move southwards to Sydney. I’d say that this was probably my favourite part of Australia, there’s plenty to do as a tourist, although I’d hate to live in Sydney due to how much of a nightmare the commute would be. The hostel I was staying at was also good craic, with plenty of fun and interesting people, so it was never a quiet time.

Australia Part 1

Quite a bit of time since the last update. I wish I could say I was backpacking with no internet, but unfortunately, after a bad experience in India, I decided to pause my travels for a while, mainly sticking to Europe for a few months. After a bit of soul-searching, I kicked off my travels again with Australia in January, deciding to leave Asia for the future. I’m already finished with Australia, so this series of posts will just go over my experience there.