Github Pages

Registering a Domain

Oops, must have forgotten about this blog. Well, fear not, here’s a fresh update. I’ve just gone through the procedure of registering a domain with Namecheap, which was surprisingly easy. Next stage was to integrate this with my existing GitHub Pages setup, which I’m sure would throw a few wobblies, but nope, that was also easy enough. I basically followed these docs on Namecheap and GitHub and voila, I had everything setup.

The Joys Of Setting Up A Site

Update (02-07-2018): So it seems like the docs have been updated and a new way of publishing GitHub Pages through a /docs/ folder is available. I’ve gone with this approach instead, which puts the Hugo config and published content in the same repo, which may not be ideal, but hey, it’s better than what I had before. New site, new technology to generate it, what could go wrong?! As it turns out, quite a bit.


So a new personal website has found its way onto the internet. This will probably be forgotten about in short order, but who knows, I might surprise myself and actually maintain this. At least I’m hosting it on GitHub Pages so my wallet won’t be decimated. For those who may be interested, this site was built using Hugo and hosted on GitHub Pages, a nice and free way to host your own site.